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Many of us encounter trauma at some point in our lives, whether through our own experiences or through relationships with trauma victims. Hale describes these encounters as journeys to "The Red Place"-- an emotionally intense state of being that contains both the heroic and the monstrous aspects of past violations, a place where we can both experience the pain of trauma and find the strength to cope with it. This book courageously delves into the psychological complexities of the Red Place by analyzing stories of trauma-- from myths to films and novels, to real-life case studies from her work as a psychotherapist.


With clarity and compassion, Hale reveals how we can harness the generative forces of the Red Place rather than being led by its destructive ones. The Red Place is an invaluable source of insight, support, and inspiration for all those working to resolve and transform past traumas.


Muswell Hill Press

SUNY Press, U.S. Distributor

The Red Place
Transforming Past Traumas through Relationships
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