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a depth oriented approach


As author and psychotherapist, Cynthia Anne Hale, Ph.D. explores ways to build emotional resilience through trustworthy relationships and more creative living.


Her work includes exploring the unconscious layers of ourselves and our communities, reaching beyond what presents itself on the surface. She encourages more intentional engagement with  dreams, art, and writing to access these depths.


Her orientation in depth psychology is based on building strengths while exploring  challenges  in relationships and creative collaborative processes. 


As a professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute for nine years, Dr. Hale taught courses in archetypal and depth psychologies, including clinical practice and qualitative research methods. She led institutional learning initiatives that included studies of the school's needs, perceptions, and dreams. Her publications reflect a range of interests within the field of depth psychology. The Red Place is her first book.


Dr. Hale is not accepting new clients at this time. 

PhD Depth Psychology
CA LCSW 22165
NY LCSW  R038084-1

FL LCSW  20810


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