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a depth oriented approach


In her work, Cynthia Anne Hale, PhD, LCSW, emphasizes the connections between inner and outer experiences. Her approach is based on building strengths while exploring challenges in relationships and creative collaborative processes. As an author, educator, psychotherapist, and consultant, she helps people build emotional resilience.

Her contributions are grounded in depth psychology. She facilitates learning about the unconscious layers of ourselves and our communities by reaching beyond what presents itself on the surface. She encourages more intentional engagement with  dreams, art, and writing to access these depths.

Dr. Hale taught archetypal and depth psychologies and led institutional learning and research initiatives as a core professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute for nine years. After working as a dean at Reiss-Davis Graduate Center in Los Angeles, she left higher education to devote more time to her clinical practice and to writing.


The Red Place: Transforming Past Trauma through Relationships, was released in 2014. It was written for "everyone who cares enough about another person to consider how traumatic experience— direct and indirect— can presently affect the ways we relate to each other."


Please email to connect with Dr. Hale  about the possibility of working together:

PhD Depth Psychology
CA LCSW 22165
NY LCSW  R038084-1

FL LCSW  20810


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